钢管、天然气套管、无缝钢管、 //www.gh-pc.com OCTG管、碳钢管、无缝钢管、erw管 星期三,9月15日02:27:41 +0000 en - us 每小时 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.8 钢铁市场飙升600点,节奏也在变化。注意大量数据 //www.gh-pc.com/news/industry-news/the-steel-market-soars-by-600-and-the-rhythm-changes-pay-attention-to-heavy-data/ 星期三,9月15日02:27:41 +0000 丽莎谭 行业新闻 钢管 //www.gh-pc.com/?p=6192 上周,国内期货市场价格加速上涨,特别是期货市场表现迅速,最高一度涨幅近600元!& # 160;其中,在生产限制和安全生产等有利因素的庇佑下,碧胶价格屡创新高,分别达到3000元和3800元,螺纹和热卷期货均突破此前压力位,最高分别达到5700元和5900元。元通过。铁矿石是负相关,它已经下降到一个低的710元[& # 8230;]< / p > < p > post < rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.gh-pc.com/news/industry news/the -钢市场飙升- - 600和-节奏的变化- - - - - - -注意-重data/”>钢铁市场飙升到600年,和节奏变化。abter钢管生产商,天然气套管和管材,无缝钢管,OCTG,.















从供需角度看,市场去库存速度明显加快,表明市场正处于向旺季过渡的过程中。据朗格钢铁网统计,截至9月10日,国内重点城市钢材库存1270.3万吨,比上周减少24.5万吨,每周减少1.9%。本周’;美国的库存比去年同期下降了8.91%。其中,建筑钢材库存771.36万吨,比上年减少15.39万吨m last week, a weekly decrease of 1.96%, and a decrease of 17% from the same period last year. Sheet stocks also fell across the board.


In the later stage, we need to pay attention to two continuities and one uncertainty. One is the continuity of demand. After the explosive volume of transactions this week, demand overdraft is obvious, market transactions tend to be weak, terminal and speculative demand is significantly reduced, and the market fear of high and wait-and-see psychology has begun to dominate. If the follow-up continues to be weak, it is not ruled out that there will be shocks and vomiting in the market;


From a general perspective, as the country’s structural adjustments to real estate are imperative, the impact of real estate on the economy will decline, and it is beginning to mention moderately advanced infrastructure construction. In addition, the National Development and Reform Commission agreed to the National Railway Group to issue 300 billion yuan of China Railway Construction Bonds, of which 130 billion yuan will be used for railway construction projects, and 170 billion yuan will be used for debt structure adjustment. The impact of the market is more important.


The other is the continuous issue of production reduction, strict control of the production capacity of high-energy-consuming and high-emission industries, the full presence of environmental protection groups in various regions, and the progress of the announcement of the “Implementation Plan for Carbon Peak in the Iron and Steel Industry”. The support for the market is still .


The uncertain factor is that the country’s tolerance for high prices is also more urgent. This week the National Development and Reform Commission once again emphasized the elimination of malicious speculation on coal prices, price hikes, hoarding and other behaviors. The DCE has adjusted its handling fees for coking coal and coke. The Coal Transportation and Marketing Association also stated that the price of coking coal cannot rise in an orderly manner, and market sentiment tends to be cautious. The game between supply and demand, reality and policy will continue in the later period.


From a technical point of view, one is that, except for iron ore, all are currently in the upward channel; the second is that it has reached a staged high; the third is that opportunities and risks coexist.


In particular, bifocals have repeatedly set historical new highs. The pressure on the upper side is very obvious. Thread and hot coil futures are roughly the same. Take the thread as an example. If 5700 is stable and there are new driving benefits, the possibility of breaking through 5800 exists. When encountering obstacles and even the reality is not as expected, the chances of turning down will increase significantly.


The new financial data is released. Among them, China’s social financing scale in August increased by 2.96 trillion yuan, 629.5 billion yuan less than the same period of the previous year. It is expected to be 285.714 billion yuan, and the previous value is 1.060 billion yuan; the balance of broad money (M2) at the end of August 231.23 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.2% year-on-year, is estimated to be 8.4%, and the previous value is 8.3%; the new RMB loans in August are 1.220 billion yuan, which is estimated to be 1.4 trillion yuan, and the previous value is 1083.2 billion yuan. From the data point of view, the social financial data was slightly higher than expected, and was significantly higher than the previous value of 1.9 trillion, and the growth rate of M2 and new loans were slightly lower than expected.(Reprinted in Lange Steel)

Hot DIP Galvanized Steel Pipe for High Quality Greenhouse Schedule 40 Galvanized Steel Pipe ERW Galvanized Steel Pipe for Fence as Per BS1387 Class B Standard

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油气井套管的损坏和修复 //www.gh-pc.com/news/products-news/damage-and-repair-of-oil-and-gas-well-casing/ Wed, 8 Sep 2021 01:49:39 +0000 丽莎谭 产品新闻 OCTG套管和油管 石油套管 石油管道 钢管 //www.gh-pc.com/?p=6186 油套管是保证油井正常运行的生命线。由于不同的地质条件,井下应力状态复杂,且受拉、压、弯、扭等应力的共同作用,对套管本身的质量提出了更高的要求。一旦套管本身因某种原因损坏,整口井可能会减少甚至报废。& # 160;油气井是石油公司的固定资产,油层套管是油气井最基本的组成部分。一旦油层套管(& # 8230;)< / p > < p >的<一个rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.gh-pc.com/news/products-news/damage-and-repair-of-oil-and-gas-well-casing/ " >损伤和修复石油和天然气井管< / >第一次出现在< rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.gh-pc.com " >要求钢管制造商,天然气套管和管道,无缝钢管,OCTG,.














(1)挤压水泥浆。当油层压力不高,破裂和泄漏不严重时,可通过挤压水泥浆进行修复。工艺方法为:首先使用比套管内径小8-10mm的孔径规,然后在缺口的适当位置放置悬挂式封堵装置(工具名称称为桥塞),临时封堵缺口下方的井筒,然后在桥塞上方注入一定量的水泥浆,使其凝固成水泥塞。水泥塞固化后,在套管内钻水泥塞,试压,检查水泥封层裂缝质量。待质量合格,钻好悬塞(桥塞)并将砂冲洗至井底后,确认密封。通过这种方法修复的套管通常可以承受40-80 MPa的压力,但在高压施工期间,应使用封隔器保护油井,以防止该段受到高压。



套管破裂的油井可在三种情况下分别修复。第一个断裂,但没有错位;二是断裂,但错位不严重;第三个断裂,位错严重,下半部分断裂ing can’t even be found.


In order to obtain information such as the displacement, the depth of the fault, the relative distance between the upper and lower fractures and whether the fracture is deformed after the casing is broken, methods such as printing and instrument testing can be used to clarify the situation.


For the broken casing without misalignment, it can be repaired by grout injection method; for the broken casing but the misalignment is not serious, use the replacement casing method to repair if the casing replacement is allowed; if the casing replacement conditions are not available, it can be repaired underneath. The repair method is to mill off a section of the broken casing, and clamp and pull the upper and lower casings with a repair tool in the middle to ensure the normal production of the oil well.


For wells that are seriously misaligned after fracture and can not find the lower casing, the sidetracking method can be used. That is, the wellbore at the fracture is cemented to death, a small drill pipe is lowered from the upper casing to re-drill a borehole, and a casing smaller than the original casing is inserted to cement the well.


The mechanics and environmental behavior of oil pipes have an important influence on the adoption of advanced technology and production and efficiency in the oil industry; oil pipes have a huge loss of failure, and their safety, reliability and service life are of great importance to the oil industry.

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钢铁市场“金九”旺季即将来临,市场是否即将触底反弹? //www.gh-pc.com/news/industry-news/steel-market-golden-nine-peak-season-is-approaching-the-market-bottoming-out-and-rebounding-soon/ 8月30日星期一01:26:24 +0000 丽莎谭 行业新闻 钢管 //www.gh-pc.com/?p=6183


the post Steel market “旺季即将来临,市场是否即将触底反弹?首先出现在





但目前的情况已经改变。财政部最近发布了一份关于中国实施’;中国上半年的财政政策表明will moderately speed up the issuance of special local government bonds, make good use of local government special bond funds, guide local governments to strengthen project reserves, and promote the formation of physical workloads at the end of this year and early next year. Support the expansion of effective investment, guarantee the capital demand for key project construction, optimize government investment arrangements, and enhance the stamina for investment growth.

She predicts that monetary policy will be coordinated with fiscal policy, through methods such as RRR cuts, and appropriate liquidity to support the acceleration of the issuance of local government special bonds, and the infrastructure sector is expected to receive more capital injections.

“Under the background of the slowdown in economic recovery, the monetary policy is stable and loose, supporting the real economy, maintaining stable liquidity, restricting real estate, and boosting infrastructure, while more funds flow to small, medium and micro enterprises in the middle and lower reaches of the industry. , As a whole, it is conducive to the stability of steel demand and the improvement of funding, which is good for the steel market.” Wang Jing said.

She also talked about the need to pay attention to the annual meeting of global central banks currently being held. “As a weather vane for the policy turning point of major central banks in the world, we need to pay attention to the policy signals they release and the expected impact.”

Can “Golden Nine” Bottom Up?

According to Ge Xin from the Lange Steel Research Center, in the 35th week of 2021 (2021.8.23-8.27), the Lange Steel’s national absolute price index is 5,711 yuan, an increase of 0.30% from last week and an increase of 39.72% from the same period last year. Among them, the absolute price index of Lange Steel Long Products was 5351 yuan, an increase of 0.47% from last week, and an increase of 37.55% from the same period last year; the absolute price index of Lange Steel Profiles was 5,670 yuan, an increase of 0.58% from last week, and an increase from the same period last year. 44.91%; The Lange Steel Plate Absolute Price Index was 5,975 yuan, an increase of 0.15% from last week, and an increase of 40.96% from the same period last year; the Lange Steel Pipe Absolute Price Index was 6,211 yuan, an increase of 0.08% from last week, and an increase from the same period last year. 39.30%.

According to the monitoring data of the Lange Steel Cloud Business Platform, in the 35th week of 2021, the price changes of 17 categories and 43 specifications (variety) of steel raw materials and steel products in some regions in China are as follows: The market prices of major steel products fluctuate and consolidate. Compared with the week, the rising varieties have increased, the flat varieties have increased, and the falling varieties have decreased significantly. Among them, 17 varieties rose, 14 more than last week; 16 varieties remained the same, 12 more than last week; 10 varieties fell, 26 less than last week. The domestic steel raw material market fluctuated and rose, iron ore prices rose by 10-25 yuan, coke prices rose by 240 yuan, scrap steel prices fluctuated slightly, and billet prices rose by 70 yuan.

Ge Xin believes that the domestic steel market is approaching the traditional “Golden Nine” peak season, but the downstream demand recovery is not obvious. The market transactions are up and down, and because the profits of the steel mills have recovered in the early stage, the steel mills are also enthusiastic about production. Increased, which prompted a rebound in the output of large and medium-sized steel companies in mid-August.

He said that since the second half of the year, the downstream demand situation has not been as expected. The real estate industry has been suppressed by policies but still remains resilient, but the infrastructure industry is far from reaching expectations. This shows whether the market demand in the peak season of “Golden 9” can recover as expected. There is still uncertainty about the arrival. “However, the Ministry of Finance recently stated that it will speed up the budgetary expenditures in the second half of the year and the issuance of local government bonds, which has brought a certain boost to the traditional peak season of demand. In the short term, the domestic steel market will show a situation of turbulence and bottoming up.”

According to data from the weekly price prediction model of the Lange Steel Cloud Business Platform, next week (2021.8.30-9.3), the domestic steel market prices will fluctuate upwards, the long products market prices will rise slightly, the profile market prices will rise steadily, and the plate market prices Steady and strong, the market price of pipes will fluctuate and rise.

In the 36th week of 2021 (8.30-9.3), the Lange Steel National Absolute Price Index is expected to be 5,725 yuan, an increase of 14 yuan; of which, the Lange Steel Long Products Absolute Price Index is expected to remain at 5398 yuan, an increase of 47. Lange steel profile absolute price index is expected to be 5699 yuan, an increase of 20 yuan; Lange steel sheet absolute price index is expected to be 5979 yuan, an increase of 4 yuan; Lange steel pipe absolute price index is expected to be 6,226 yuan, an increase of 15 yuan. (China Finance Network)

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热镀锌钢管技术要求 //www.gh-pc.com/news/products-news/technical-requirements-for-hot-dip-galvanized-steel-tubes/ 星期三,8月25日2021年00:53:37 +0000 丽莎谭 产品新闻 热浸钢管 钢管 //www.gh-pc.com/?p=6174 热镀锌是先对钢管进行酸洗。为了去除钢管表面的氧化铁,酸洗后,清洗槽的氯化铵或氯化锌水溶液或氯化铵和氯化锌混合水溶液,然后送到热浸镀槽中。热浸镀锌具有镀层均匀、附着力强、使用寿命长、耐腐蚀性强等优点。品牌的品位和化学成分和化学成分的钢镀锌钢管应符合品位和(& # 8230;)< / p > < p >的<一个rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.gh-pc.com/news/products-news/technical-requirements-for-hot-dip-galvanized-steel-tubes/ " >热浸镀锌钢的技术要求首先出现在abter钢管制造商,天然气套管和管材,无缝钢管,OCTG,.




  1. 品牌和化学成分
    1. 镀锌钢管用钢的牌号和化学成分应符合GB 3092规定的黑色钢管用钢的牌号和化学成分。

      1. 制造方法


      1. 螺纹和管接头
        1. 3.1对于带有螺纹的镀锌钢管,应在镀锌后加工螺纹。螺纹应符合YB 822规定。

          3.2钢管接头应符合YB 238;可锻铸铁管接头应符合YB 230的要求。机械性能镀锌前钢管的机械性能应符合GB 3092的要求。镀锌层的均匀性应测试镀锌钢管的镀锌层均匀性。钢管样品在硫酸铜溶液中连续浸泡5次后不得变红(镀铜)。

        2. 冷弯试验标称直径不超过50mm的镀锌钢管应进行冷弯试验。弯曲角度为90°,弯曲半径为外径的8倍。试验过程中没有填充物,试样的焊缝应位于弯曲方向的外侧或上部。试验后,样品上不得有裂纹和锌层剥落。
        3. 水压试验水压试验应在单簧管中进行。涡流探伤也可以代替水压试验。涡流检测的试验压力或对比样品的尺寸应符合GB 3092的要求。















        In the formula: S0-the original cross-sectional area of ​​the sample, mm2; S1-the minimum cross-sectional area at the reduced diameter of the sample after it is broken, mm2.

        ⑤ Hardness index

        The ability of metal materials to resist the indentation of hard objects on the surface is called hardness. According to the different test methods and scope of application, the hardness can be divided into Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness, Shore hardness, micro hardness and high temperature hardness. There are three commonly used pipes: Brinell, Rockwell, and Vickers hardness.

        1. Brinell hardness (HB)

        Use a steel ball or cemented carbide ball of a certain diameter to press into the surface of the sample with the specified test force (F), remove the test force after the specified holding time, and measure the diameter of the indentation on the surface of the sample. (L) The Brinell hardness value is the quotient obtained by dividing the test force by the spherical surface area of ​​the indentation. Expressed in HBS (steel ball), the unit is N/mm2 (MPa).

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        兰格研究公司:经济数据全面下滑,钢铁需求扩张乏力 //www.gh-pc.com/news/industry-news/lange-research-economic-data-has-fallen-in-an-all-round-way-steel-demand-for-expansion-is-weak/ 2021年8月17日星期二01:33:28+0000 丽莎谭 行业新闻 钢管 //www.gh-pc.com/?p=6163 根据国家统计局今天发布的数据,7月份,受多种因素影响,主要宏观指标普遍下降,外需疲软,投资增速略有下降,消费复苏受到干扰。固定资产投资恢复动力减弱,两年平均增速首次回落。1 - 7月,全国固定资产投资(不含农户)30533亿元,同比增长10.3%,两年平均增长4.3%。[…]

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        预计货币政策将保持稳定和宽松,以保持合理和充足的流动性,大宗商品价格仍然居高不下。PPI和CPI剪刀差在7月扩大,第四季度将再次下调存款准备金率,以缓解银行的经营压力small and medium-sized enterprises in the middle and lower reaches of the industry. Fiscal policy is used to stabilize growth, grasp the progress of local government bond issuance, and accelerate the construction of major engineering projects.

        There is room for repairing infrastructure and consumption

        In the later stage, the supply of overseas economies has recovered, and the demand for goods has gradually slowed down. The new export order index of my country’s manufacturing industry has fallen for four consecutive months, and has been in a contraction range for three consecutive months. It is necessary to pay attention to the impact of export changes on the production side.

        In terms of domestic demand, the completion of real estate has maintained a large scale, the leading indicators of Sino-Singaporean construction continued to weaken, and the sales of commercial housing have significantly cooled. Under the background of continuous deepening of policy control, investment will be under pressure; Preventing local government debt risks and infrastructure investment stimulating bulk commodity prices. Later, the economy will face downward pressure. The issuance of special bonds may accelerate at the end of the year, which will promote a moderate rebound in infrastructure investment, but its supporting effect on the economy may be relatively limited; manufacturing investment will continue to recover However, due to weaker domestic and foreign demand, the cost pressure of enterprises is still great, and the upward trend may be restricted to some extent.

        The policy taps the potential of the domestic market, and consumption will further recover. Due to the repeated and frequent spread of the epidemic, it may be difficult to return to normal levels within the year.

        The expansion of demand for steel in the peak season is weak

        The construction industry is shifting from the off-season to the peak season, and steel demand will expand seasonally. However, infrastructure investment has fallen more than expected, and new real estate starts continue to weaken. The expansion momentum of steel demand in the construction industry in the peak season is weak. Due to the decline in external demand and sluggish domestic demand, the growth rate of manufacturing production has declined, and the expansion of steel demand is not strong. The industry continues to differentiate. The steel demand for construction machinery and other industries in the upstream of the construction industry may continue to weaken, benefiting from industrial upgrading of high-tech manufacturing Industrial steel demand is expected to remain strong.

        After the epidemic, the “unusual” growth of steel consumption is unsustainable. As economic growth returns to normal and faces downward pressure again, it is necessary to pay attention to the risk of unexpected contraction of steel demand. (Reproduced from Lange Steel Research Center)

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        热轧无缝管与冷拔无缝管的区别 //www.gh-pc.com/news/products-news/the-difference-between-hot-rolled-seamless-pipe-and-cold-drawn-seamless/ 8月10日星期二01:58:49 +0000 丽莎谭 产品新闻 冷拔管 冷拔管 热轧无缝钢管 无缝钢管 //www.gh-pc.com/?p=6155 热轧和冷轧都是成形型钢或钢板的工艺,它们对钢的组织和性能有很大的影响。钢材的轧制主要是热轧,冷轧仅用于生产小截面钢材和薄板。1.优点:可以破坏钢锭的铸造组织,细化钢的晶粒,消除组织缺陷,使钢组织致密,力学性能提高。这种改进主要体现在轧制方向上,这样[& # 8230;]< / p > < p > post < rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.gh-pc.com/news/products-news/the-difference-between-hot-rolled-seamless-pipe-and-cold-drawn-seamless/ " >的区别热轧无缝钢管,冷拔无缝< / >第一次出现在< rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.gh-pc.com " >要求钢管.



        . 热轧和冷轧都是成形型钢或钢板的工艺,它们对钢的组织和性能有很大的影响。钢的轧制主要是热轧,冷轧仅用于生产小型钢板和片材。


        优点:它可以破坏钢锭的铸造结构,精炼钢的粒,消除微观结构的缺陷,使钢结构致密,改善机械性能。 This improvement is mainly reflected in the rolling direction, so that the steel is no longer isotropic to a certain extent; bubbles, cracks and looseness formed during casting can also be welded under high temperature and pressure.

        Disadvantages: 1. After hot rolling, the non-metallic inclusions (mainly sulfides and oxides, as well as silicates) inside the steel are pressed into thin sheets, and delamination (interlayer) occurs. Delamination greatly deteriorates the tensile properties of the steel in the thickness direction, and it is possible that interlayer tearing may occur when the weld shrinks. The local strain induced by weld shrinkage often reaches several times the yield point strain, which is much larger than the strain caused by the load.

        2. Residual stress caused by uneven cooling. Residual stress is the internal self-balanced stress without external force. Hot-rolled steel sections of various cross-sections have such residual stresses. Generally, the larger the section size of the steel section, the larger the residual stress. Although the residual stress is self-balanced, it still has a certain influence on the performance of the steel member under the action of external force. For example, it may have adverse effects on deformation, stability, fatigue resistance, etc.

        Two, cold rolling

        It refers to the processing of steel plates or steel strips into various types of steel through cold drawing, cold bending, cold drawing and other cold processing at room temperature.

        Advantages: fast forming speed, high output, and does not damage the coating, can be made into a variety of cross-sectional forms to meet the needs of the use conditions; cold rolling can cause large plastic deformation of the steel, thereby improving the yield of the steel point.

        Disadvantages: 1, although the molding process has not been hot plastic compression, but still residual stress within the cross-section, the overall and local buckling resistance of the steel will inevitably produced Health Effects;

        2. The cold-rolled steel section is generally an open section, which makes the free torsional stiffness of the section lower. When prone to bending torsional, bending and torsion prone to buckling under compression , torsional performance than the difference;

        3. The wall thickness of cold-rolled steel is small, and there is no thickening at the corners where the plates are joined, and the ability to withstand local concentrated loads is weak.

        Three, the main difference between hot rolling and cold rolling

        1. Cold-rolled formed steel allows local buckling of the section, so that the bearing capacity of the bar after buckling can be fully utilized; while hot-rolled steel does not allow local buckling of the section.

        2. Hot-rolled steel and cold-rolled steel have different causes of residual stress, so the distribution on the cross-section is also very different. The residual stress distribution on the cross-section of cold-formed thin-walled steel is curved, while the residual stress distribution on the cross-section of hot-rolled or welded steel is thin-film.

        3. The free torsional stiffness of hot-rolled steel is higher than that of cold-rolled steel, so the torsion resistance of hot-rolled steel is better than that of cold-rolled steel.

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        转型改造、低碳绿色发展,我国钢铁行业开启了新的征程 //www.gh-pc.com/news/industry-news/transformation-low-carbon-green-development-my-countrys-steel-industry-starts-a-new-journey/ 8月3日星期二01:29:09 +0000 丽莎谭 行业新闻 //www.gh-pc.com/?p=6146








        整体海外钢铁市场已出现拐点。钢材需求扩张放缓,市场供需缺口缩小,价格上涨势头不足。随着海外市场的调整和国内市场的反弹,我国的价格优势’;中国的钢铁出口已逐渐减少,而port orders have fallen. At the same time, the scope of the cancellation of export tax rebates has expanded, which will further restrain steel exports.

        Reducing crude steel production capacity is an important measure to implement my country’s carbon peak and carbon neutral goals. At the aforementioned meeting of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, the relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission stated that the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments organized 9 inspection teams to carry out on-site inspections in 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. The relevant local enterprises will be asked for the problems found in the inspections. Seriously rectify and reform in accordance with laws and regulations, and severely deal with serious problems that are not in place.

        At present, the global industrial layout is undergoing major adjustment, and the risk of iron ore resource protection is increasing.The traditional steel market has entered a stable period, steel prices rise without the long-term support of fundamental factors;There are strong constraints on resource, energy and environmental protection, and the task of carbon peak and carbon neutrality is arduous.New challenges to the steel industry.


        The post Transformation, low-carbon green development, my country’s steel industry starts a new journey appeared first on abter steel pipe manufacturer, natural gas casing and tubing,seamless steel pipe,OCTG,.

        API螺纹钢管的优缺点 //www.gh-pc.com/news/products-news/api-screwed-steel-pipe-advantages-and-disadvantages/ 星期三,2021年7月28日01:48:24 +0000 丽莎谭 产品新闻 螺纹管 钢管 //www.gh-pc.com/?p=6135

        API标准螺纹的优点是:1)易于加工,一般精度,相关接头易于现场加工和连接,成本低。2)一般工况下的连接便于现场维修和操作。3)配合优质密封润滑脂使用时,流体密封条件可达69MPa, 1490c。4)可在卡扣上重复使用。其缺点是:1)高压气体不能满足密封要求。2) API螺纹的连接强度仅为管身抗拉强度的80%。3)环境中与(& # 8230;)< / p > < p > post < rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.gh-pc.com/news/products-news/api-screwed-steel-pipe-advantages-and-disadvantages/ " > API螺纹钢管优点和缺点< / >第一次出现在< rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.gh-pc.com " >要求钢管制造商,天然气套管和管道,无缝钢管,OCTG,.


        1)易于加工,通用精度高,易于加工,易于现场连接相关子接头,成本低。2) 一般操作条件下的连接易于现场维修和处理。

        3)与优质密封脂一起使用时,流体密封条件可达到69MPa和1490 C。4) 可以在皮带扣上重复使用。





        河南大雨影响钢材出货 //www.gh-pc.com/news/industry-news/henan-heavy-rain-steel-shipments-affected/ 7月22日星期四02:49:53 +0000 丽莎谭 行业新闻 钢管 //www.gh-pc.com/?p=6131 雨,雨,雨,最近几天,河南省的暴雨一直在增加,郑州仅仅三天,一个小时内就几乎全年降雨,最大降雨量达到100西湖积水,道路、地铁被淹,山洪暴发,泥石流时有发生,道路交通中断。受洪水影响的钢厂更为严重,一些钢厂已经完全关闭。尽管一些受到灾难打击的高地磨坊仍在正常运转,但铁矿石和焦炭等成品原料的生产,也受到影响,因为道路交通堵塞(& # 8230;)< / p > < p > post < rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.gh-pc.com/news/industry-news/henan-heavy-rain-steel-shipments-affected/ " >河南大雨影响钢铁发货量< / >第一次出现在< rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.gh-pc.com " >要求钢管制造商,天然气套管和管道,无缝钢管,OCTG,.

        近几天来,河南省的暴雨一直在增加,郑州仅三天,一个小时内几乎全年降雨,最大降雨量达到100西湖积水,道路、地铁积水,山洪暴发,泥石流时有发生,道路交通中断。钢厂受洪水影响更严重,一些钢厂已完全停产。虽然一些受灾害影响的小型高原钢铁厂继续正常运营,但由于道路交通堵塞和运输困难,铁矿石和焦炭等成品材料的生产也受到影响。< / span > < span class = " transSent”>根据重点钢铁企业河南cSA的监控之下,2020年,安阳钢铁生产1120万吨,河南Fengbao特殊钢材191万吨,河南济源钢铁434万吨,南洋Hanye特殊钢材272万吨。< / span > < span class = " transSent”>因此,根据计算,安阳钢铁天粗钢30000吨;< / span > <跨类=“transSent”>河南Fengbao特殊钢铁5000吨;< / span > <跨类= >“transSent济源钢铁每日粗钢11000吨;< / span > <跨类= >“transSent南洋Hanye特殊钢材7000吨。因此,每日直接或间接影响钢铁资源达5.3万吨以上。河南洪涝灾害将削弱地区市场的生产和需求。因此,区域市场短期内可能疲软,但在一段时间的缓解后,钢铁生产将恢复正常。灾后重建和水利建设启动后,将带动河南地区需求恢复和需求量增加,从而刺激该地区市场交易和价格恢复活跃。< / span > < / p > < p > post < rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.gh-pc.com/news/industry-news/henan-heavy-rain-steel-shipments-affected/ " >河南大雨影响钢铁发货量< / >第一次出现在< rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.gh-pc.com " >要求钢管制造商,天然气套管和油管,无缝钢管,石油管材,< / >。< / p >
        K55 BTC R3外壳用于珍客户端 //www.gh-pc.com/乐动官网网址project/k55-btc-r3-casing-for-djen-client/ 星期三,2021年7月14日07:59:24 +0000 丽莎谭 乐动官网网址 套管 casing&tubing //www.gh-pc.com/?p=6124

        根据API Spec 5CT1988,套管钢有10种规格,包括H-40、J-55、K-55、N-80、C-75、L-80、C-90、C-95、p -110和Q-125。套管应配备螺纹和联轴器,或采用下列管端形式之一:平端、带或不带联轴器的圆螺纹、带或不带联轴器的部分梯形螺纹、直螺纹、特殊端部工作、密封圈结构。根据SY/T6194-96标准,国产机壳应用钢丝或钢带捆扎。每个套筒和联轴器螺纹的外露部分应该用保护环来保护螺纹。规格范围:OD:114.3 mm - 508 mm (& # 8230;) < / p > < p >的<一个rel =“nofollow”href = " http://www.abterste乐动官网网址el.com/project/k55-btc-r3-casing-for-djen-client/ " > K55 BTC R3套管Djen客户< / >第一次出现在< rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.gh-pc.com " >要求钢管制造商,天然气套管和油管,无缝钢管,石油管材,< / >。< / p > 根据API Spec 5CT1988,套管钢有10种规格,包括H-40、J-55、K-55、N-80、C-75、L-80、C-90、C-95、p -110和Q-125。套管应配备螺纹和联轴器,或采用下列管端形式之一:平端、带或不带联轴器的圆螺纹、带或不带联轴器的部分梯形螺纹、直螺纹、特殊端部工作、密封圈结构。根据SY/T6194-96标准,国产机壳应用钢丝或钢带捆扎。每个套筒和联轴器螺纹的外露部分应该用保护环来保护螺纹。

        1. 规格范围:外径114.3mm-508mm (4 1/2″–壁厚:5.21 mm - 16.13 mm (9.5 ppf # 8211; 133 ppf)李< / > < >李材料:H40, J55, K55, N80-1, N80-Q, L80-1, L80-9Cr, L80-13Cr, P110, Q125等李< / > < >李执行标准:API 5 ct, GB, ISO11960, GOST李< / > < >李类型:失学,LTC, BTC, XC和溢价连接李< / > < >李长度:R1, R2, R3李< / > < >李无损检测等相关规则API 5 ct和5 b李< / > < >李类型:Seamless steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe


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